The Ashby Winward Foundation

The Ashby Windward Foundation provided funding for the following surgical proceedures and outpatient care.


Jenica Phillips
Jenica Phillips A 12 year old girl from Carriacou who suffered from severe headaches and impaired vision and her mother were flown to Grenada where she received an examination and treatment provided by an ophthalmologist. As a result of her receiving her first pair of glasses, she is now able to pursue her love of reading.

2010 - 2012 Medical Assistance
2010 - 2012 Medical Assistance 2012 successful medical stories that were performed by Ashby Windward Foundation.

Karsheda Stanisclaus
Karsheda Stanisclaus During our visit to the Woburn Roman Catholic Infant and Pre-Primary School we met 3 year old Karsheda Stanisclaus. Karsheda is such an adorable young girl whom we fell in love with immediately. Karsheda has severe bilateral strabismus. We wanted to help her improve her vision so she too could enjoy the books we donated. After raising money to make this happen Karsheda had the surgery which was a huge success.

Paul Caton
Paul Caton During a visit to Carriacou in August 2009, we had the opportunity to meet Paul Caton at the L’Esterre Rosary School book donation. We noted his obvious eye disorder, crossed eyes or strabismus. Paul was 7 years old at the time and due to his eye disorder it was difficult for him to read the books we had just donated.

Patients Many patients in the island of Carriacou in the Grenadines have been served with healthcare that they would otherwises not be able to afford.