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Recent Medical Procedures

2012 - 12 year old girl from Carriacou and her mother were flown to Grenada where the girl received an eye examination by a local optomologist and prescription reading glasses.

2012 - 3 year old girl in Grenada received corrective strabismus surgery by a local team of surgeons.

2009 - 7 year old boy and chaperone were flown to Barbados for corrective strabismus surgery which was performed by a local opthomologist. 

Surgeries performed at the Carriacou Health Services Clinic:  2007 - 2009

60 yo female with postmenopausal bleeding s/p total abdominal hysterectomy and bilater slpingoophorectomy

50 year old female with large figroid uterus s/p supracervical hysterectomy and salpingoophorectomy

31 year old male with lung cancer metastic to the skin

4 year old female with inguinal hernia repaired

50 year old male with valve replacement, pacemaker and inguinal hernia repair and follow up treatments

38 year old female breast cancer patient s/p mastectomy and labwork

28 year old female for Ultrasound

29 year old female Mammogram

40 year old female Mammogram

44 year old female for routine Cardiology Visits

48 year old female with abnormal Pelvic Mass. Exploratory surgery.

43 year old female with h/o Diabetes and Hypertension,large abdominal pelvic mass for two years which caused excessive vaginal bleeding requiring blood transfusion and emergency surgency.

8 year old male. Phimosis. Circumcision.

16 year old male with history of chronic urine infections & intermittent pain. Sent to Trinidad for surgery.

33 year old female. Umbilical Hernia. Umbilical hernia repair.

19 year old woman with history of a painful umbilical hernia, poor finances & having a delay in medical care at hospital at Grenada General Hospital. Performed surgery at CHS.

43 year old female. Menometrorrhagia. TVH. Long-standing history of abnormal pap smears & abnormal uterine bleeding.

50 year old female. Endom, CA. Radical hysterectomy, LN dissection. Postmenopausal woman with diagnosed endometrial cancer & adnexal mass.

40 year old female. Breast cancer. Left mastectomy. Young woman with financial hardship. Surgery performed at CHS.

5 year old male. Phimosis. Circumcision. History of penile pain & infection.

50 year old female. Pelvic mass. Fibroid Uterus/SCHBSO. History of large abdominal pelvic mass for several years. Patient resides in Grenada. Surgery performed at CHS.

62 year old female. Breast cancer. Left mastectomy. Previously diagnosed with breast cancer.  Received substandard treatment in Trinidad now with new lump. Mastectomy perfomed at CHS

37 year old female. Fibroid Uterus. SCHLSO. History of large pelvic mass & excessive uterine bleeding with anemia. Surgery performed at CHS.

7 year old  male. Hernia. Repair of hernia. Inguinal hernia & hydrocele referred by his pediatrician. Surgery performed at CHS.

52 year old female. Hernia repair, lysis of adhesions. LOA, Repair of hernia. Ventral & incisional symptomatic hernias referred from Princess Royale Hospital. Surgery performed at CHS.

46 year old male. Bladder dysfunction. Cystoscopy. History of blood in urine & burning with urination.

2 year old male with hernia. Inguinal hernia repair. History of painful inguinal hernia; not reducible.

22 year old male with Hernia. hernia repair, hydrocele. Symptomatic reducible inguinal hernia needing repair and 3-4 cm mobile non-tender scrotal mass. Surgery performed at CHS.

45 year old female with Lipoma. Thigh Lipoma removal. (mild mental slowness) large lipoma on thigh increasing in size and symptomatic. Surgery performed at CHS.

10 year old male  with Hernia. R. hernia repair, hydrocele repair. Large inguinal hernia. Referred by his pediatrician. Surgery performed at CHS.

47 year old female. Menomet/fibroid. Supracervical RSO. Menometrorrhagia & large submucosal fibroid. Surgery performed at CHS.

47 year old female. Fibroid uterus. D&C. History of abnormal uterine bleeding. Surgery perfromed at CHS.

42 year old female. CIN III. Cone Bx., D&C. Previous history of LEEP for cervical dysplasia & irregular vaginal bleeding. Surgery performed at CHS.

45 year old male. Incarcereated bowel. Hematoma/exploration of surgical site. Status post repair of bilaterral inguinal hernias with bleeding into surgical site. Surgery perfromed at CHS.

45 year old male. Inguinal hernia. Repair of L. inguinal hernia. Bilaterral symptomatic reducible inguinal hernias previously diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease & valvular disease & status post mitral valve replacement/6/06. Surgery performed in Brooklyn Hospital and CHS.

3 year old male. Inguinal hernia. R. Herniorraphy. Young male with painful symptomatic hernia. Surgery performed at CHS.

21 year old male. Inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia repair. Young male with symptomatic hernia. Surgery performed at CHS.

60 year old female. PMB. D&C. Past h/o breast cancer and hysterectomy. Presently abnormal pap smear underwent coloposcopy & requires LEEP of cervix. Surgery performed at CHS.

24 year old male. Hernia. Bilateral inguinal hernia. Long-standing istory of bilateral symptomatic hernia. Surgery performed at CHS.

12 year old female. Thyoglossal cyst. Removal of thyoglossal cyst. Young girl with neck mass. Surgery performed at CHS.

43 year old  female. Ventral hernia/extraction. Repair ventral hernia/tooth extraction. Patient with large ventral hernia; symptomatic & poor dental hygiene requiring removal of tooth prior to intubation for surgery. 

16 year old male with stage 4 nasalpharengeal carcinoma. Patient was sent to Brooklyn Hospital for chemo and radiation therapy.