The Ashby Winward Foundation

Paul Caton

During a visit to Carriacou in August 2009, we had the opportunity to meet Paul Caton at the L’Esterre Rosary School book donation. We noted his obvious eye disorder, crossed eyes or strabismus. Paul was 7 years old at the time and due to his eye disorder it was difficult for him to read the books we had just donated.

We immediately started working on a way to help this young boy. Our goal was to find a way to get Paul the eye surgery which would correct his eyes, but we also needed to raise the money to do it. We worked for a year performing odd jobs including lawn care, gardening, pet-sitting and babysitting. We were successful and raised all of the money for his surgery.

With the help of The Ashby Windward Foundation an ophthalmologist was found on the island of Barbados, Dr. David Callender, who agreed to perform Paul’s surgery for a reduced rate. SVG Airlines were also very generous to reduce their fare so that in July of 2010, Paul and a chaperone arrived in Barbados for his much anticipated surgery.

Later that month we returned to Carriacou to visit Paul and his family. We could barely contain our excitement. Paul’s surgery was a success and his disability was now gone, allowing him to live the typical life of an 8 year old boy. Paul and his family were very grateful for our hard work and dedication to a young boy we had only met once. It was an amazing feeling to see what a huge effect our efforts would have on Paul for the rest of his life.


Paul Caton before surgery Paul Caton & benefactors